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Everyone experiences challenges at work at times. And working as part of a team can sometimes be very challenging, as people may have different values, personalities, agendas, goals and expectations. Overcoming these challenges are of crucial importance to team performance and employee engagement, and therefore also business results.

Here are some of the latest team challenges that people have shared with us at our book launch events in London and Stockholm.

Do you recognize any of these? What other team challenge have you experienced? Please share in the comment field below. Thank you.


Overcoming turfism (conflicting bonus systems) to deliver business or general interest benefits


Hostility/unwillingness to accept new team members


Team leader does not trust team members to perform


Getting ALL members of team working in the same direction!


Stopping 2 members of the team of the same status ‘empire building’


Company spread over very different geographical areas/ countries, eg. E Europe and UK


Boss playing favourites!


Leader’s/informal leader’s hidden agenda


Cultural differences in an international team


People who nod and then go off and do something else!


People NOT to get too competitive


Focus the group on our goals


Moving the team from being role driven to task/responsibility driven


Creating mutual understanding


Change management in a team


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Elisabet and Mandy

Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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