Praise for Leading Teams

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“Finally, an inspiring leadership book that gives straight talking solutions to team challenges. Every leader who wants to build successful teams should read it!”

Catharina Gehrke, Secretary General, SOS Children’s Villages Sweden

“This book is a 21st-century guide on how to build a world-class team. I highly recommend it.”

Steve Siebold, Founder, Mental Thoughness University, Florida USA

“Enjoyable to read. Simple to understand. Practical to implement. A must read for team members or leaders”

Debbie Fogel-Monnissen, Executive Vice President, International Markets Finance Office, Mastercard, New York USA

“A goldmine of practical business advice…clearly written, easy to read. Benefit from these winning strategies and proven solutions.”

Barbara Large, MBE, Senior Lecturer, Creative Writing; Honorary Fellow, University of Winchester; Chairman, Hampshire Writers’ Society; Member, Royal Society of Arts, National Association of Writers in Education and The Society of Authors

“Leadership is about effective conversations. This book is a very useful ready reckoner for leaders everywhere seeking the words and methods needed each day at work.”

Sanjay Gupta, CEO, English Helper Inc, Haryana, India

“This book described situations that are very familiar to me BUT…gave me the tools to deal with them and the understanding of what they’d happened.”

Dr Jane Neal-Smith, Head, School of Management, Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law, London Metropolitan University, London UK

“Mandy and Elisabet are brilliant teachers and facilitators who have helped me build successful teams. Read this book to learn their powerful team building formula for success.”

John W Turner, Senior Vice President, Sales, TriNet, San Francisco USA

“Real edgy scenarios that get to the heart of optimal team behaviours. In depth exploration and solutions from true experts.”

Jackie Arnold, author, Coaching Skills for Leaders in the Workplace, ICF Executive Coach and Dip Coach Supervisor,, Hove UK

“From reading this book and past experience of working with Mandy you learn there is never enough time to focus on what is strategic and important, unless you embed leading teams into how you work. Leaders reading this book will gain valuable insights into the small things that make a difference when leading teams to success.”

Neal Watkins, Chief Product Officer and Executive Board Director, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, UK

“This book is really, and literally, something else. Not the usual management fad. Instead, here is a manual with troubleshooting instructions within. I love that suggested solutions are taken down to what behaviours to display to make the solution come to life. The exemplifications of problems are spot in, and you can immediately recognise and relate to them. My team and I have worked a lot with creating team accountability and efficiency, and with the help of this manual we can continue to work with in on our own. My team members will get a copy as soon as the book is out.”

Håkan Nyberg, Chief Executive Officer, Nordnet Bank, Stockholm Sweden

“If you are looking for a “how to” guide to improve your team’s performance then this book is the book for you. While many leadership and team building books are theoretical, Leading Teams provides sound principles and is filled with helpful hints and practical steps to enhance team dynamics and improve effectiveness. The advice and solutions in this book will work as effectively with a small team as with a large, globally distributed team.”

Kristen Holden, business executive with 27 years in financial services, including insurance and banking, New York USA

“I bought in from the first paragraph; ten chapters of real and practical examples of how to lad a team with characters skilfully portraying the tensions faced by leaders every day. A leadership masterclass.”

Lynn Hill, Deputy CEO, West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Hertfordshire UK

“Finally, a proactive approach to team leadership. The genius is that some solutions may seem almost too simple. Very engaging and useful.”

Christina Skytt, CEO, international bestselling author, Executive Team Coach, Power Goals Academy, Stockholm Sweden

“If you want to be great at leading people, then you have to read this book. Simple, powerful ideas to help you get the best out of your teams!”

Vinay Parmar, motivational business speaker and consultant, Get Vinspired!, Solihull UK