Thank you both for an excellent programme. Not only has it been a privilege to meet you both, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the workshops, webinars & 121 sessions and found it very insightful & I will certainly continue to use some of the tools you have provided.

Financial Services

Feedback from a speaking event. “Thank you so much. It was interesting, inspiring and practical. I know the team really enjoyed it and I certainly did too – we all learned a lot from you.” 

Head of Contents Operations – A financial information and analytics company

Feedback from a recent keynote speaking engagement in Texas conference for over 2,000 global supply chain and procurement professionals: “Thank you for your incredible presentation. You two are truly amazing! We are so grateful for both of you! It was inspiring” 

Chief Product Officer

“Your work inspires me so much, and you present in a way that is so retainable and relevant, and gives me strength. You both feed the little voice inside me that says “I can do this”. Thank you.”

Kelly J Hitchen 

“Thank you Ladies, you were as ever, awesome.  The feedback has been amazing”

Conference arranger

“Finishing up a great week of team building and change management workshops with two of my favourite authors Elisabet Vinberg Hearn and Mandy Flint. They are the authors of a great book on these subjects as well as company culture called “The Team Formula”.”