“Your work inspires me so much, and you present in a way that is so retainable and relevant, and gives me strength. You both feed the little voice inside me that says “I can do this”. Thank you.”

Kelly J Hitchen 


“Thank you Ladies, you were as ever, awesome.  The feedback has been amazing”

Conference arranger


“Finishing up a great week of team building and change management workshops with two of my favourite authors Elisabet Vinberg Hearn and Mandy Flint. They are the authors of a great book on these subjects as well as company culture called “The Team Formula”.”


“Thank you both for an excellent programme. Not only has it been a privilege to meet you both, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the workshops, webinars & 121 sessions and found it very insightful & I will certainly continue to use some of the tools you have provided.”

Financial Services