Praise for The Leader’s Guide to Impact

“If there is one book you read on leadership, this is it. Jam packed with practical tips, stories and frameworks to help you to be the best leader you can possibly be by taking control of your impact on those around you. Elisabet and Mandy hit the leadership nail on the head every time! I wish this book was around 20 years ago!”

Vanessa Vallely, OBE, Managing Director, WeAreTheCity , Author of “Heels of Steel”

“Leadership and impact are associated so strongly in this book, by showing how thoughtful leadership behaviours impact business results, which is music to the ears of an action-oriented leader. It has a very practical approach, which makes it easy to read and actionable. The language is different from the often too theoretical language used, it is more suited to the language leaders use in their day to day communication.

Carlo Enrico President LAC,  Mastercard

“For aspiring life guards this book is a must read on how to give oxygen to create energy and have impact (like JR). This book is for anyone who wants to breathe life into their team through inspiration resulting in impact, leading to higher engagement, better customer experience and ultimately revenue. ”

Neal Watkins Chief Product Officer and Executive Board Director, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, UK

“A great book on how to become an even better leader in today’s complex work environment, where our ability to have an impact is more important than ever in order to be successful. A must read if you want to move your career to the next stage”

Nick Shaw Vice President and GM Consumer Symantec EMEA

“A compelling read for these disruptive times – As relevant to the C-suite occupant as it is for the new team leader”

Ian Holden-Semple Executive with 30 years operations experience in Financial Services including Global Banking, Card Payments and Insurance

“You know a book is great when from page one it feels connected to where you are and what you need right now. I was able to use ideas from the book straight away and the balance of research, ideas and case studies has given me a deeper understanding of how impact is created in those daily choices, both my own and that of those around me. I highly recommend this book to leaders of all levels, this kind of insight is invaluable.”

Lizzie Smith Local Director, Health Education England, London

In The Leader’s Guide to Impact, Mandy and Elisabet share their rich insights from years of coaching executives and teams. They provide actions and models you can use TODAY to raise your impact as a leader.”

John Turner Chief Revenue Officer, Chronicle (an Alphabet Company)

“I felt “the book to be ‘on point’ and relevant to current agile fast flowing & complex projects (with multiple hierarchy of stakeholders and colleagues) whilst enabling me to me to consider brand and reputation whilst balancing stakeholders, culture and collaboration.’’

Theresa Sayers Chartered MCIPD Tri Force ERP Project : Surrey, Sussex & Thames Valley Police

!Explodes the myth that leaders are born, not made. Part art, part science, effective leadership – as this book proves — is 100 percent about practice, practice, practice.”  

Tom Derry CEO, Institute for Supply Management

“An eye-opening book with key analogies helping us understand the intricacies and importance of impact and influence. A must read for any business owner or entrepreneur. ”  

Josh Wilson Founder and MD of Wilson Worldwide Productions, Forbes 30 under 30

“Thought provoking book on the human to human impact that we make a thousand times a day and how to think about improving this impact without forgetting to always be our (non-“greenwashed”) selves!”

Ken Stannard CEO, Cabot Credit Management

“I immediately started to evaluate and consider my own impact from the moment I walked in the front door at home to read it, to walking in the office the following day. There are examples & situations that I could relate too. Impact is such an important and not really talked about topic This book is about how impact starts from within.”  

Tim Noble Vice President, Global Sales, ICE Data Services

“After 30 years in business, I cannot think of a leader who wouldn’t benefit from the lessons in this book’.  ‘An exceptional guide to creating the impact you want while enjoying the rewards that will follow”   

Chris Cooper Business Engagement and Elevation, Author, Speaker, host of the ‘Business Elevation Show’ on Voice America Business.  

“A fun and different leadership book, full of stories, opportunities for reflection and concrete solutions to apply. I really recommend this book to all leaders. I got so many new insights. I’m humbled and see new opportunities with my leadership which makes me truly inspired.”  

Marie Lundström Identity Leader Global Marketing Communication, Inter-IKEA Systems

“As always, I find Elisabet & Mandy’s books on point for what is relevant in today’s organizations and what is going on for me personally as a leader.  I have been thinking a lot about mindfulness and my impact in the organization and this book provides an action plan around what I dubbed as #mindfulleadership.  Additionally, Elisabet & Mandy do a wonderful job of creating do-it-yourself tools that take the guesswork out of creating action plans, whether personal or organizational.  Thank you Elisabet & Mandy.”    

Dena Bobolos Senior banking leader with over 20 years of international experience, USA  
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