The Team Formula

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Mandy’s and Elisabet’s first book,”The Team Formula” was published in 2013 and is a leadership book in an engaging story format. It has received two awards in recognition of its creative format and has been praised by readers for its spot-on descriptions of team dynamics.


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This is a business book told in a story format for leaders a Leadership Tale. It takes place in the world of international business where as a result of an acquisition, two companies merge creating a team, struggling with conflicts and dishonesty as well as showing glimpses of loyalty and hope. Stephen, the team’s leader, is challenged to get them working together. In these times of change and economic downturn, it s more important than ever that he gets it right. Follow Stephen and his team on their journey through the thorny maze that all teams travel through. This is a quick, must-read for leaders and team members in any organisation. It provides them a fun, engaging and informative experience, giving an opportunity for reflection as well as valuable ideas that they can implement immediately. The story tempts the reader, to look at him/herself and ask the questions: What choices am I making? How does this apply to me and my team? What am I doing to make this team work? The reader can easily relate to the characters and real-life situations. Everyone will recognize a part of themselves as well as their colleagues, which makes you want to know what’s going to happen next. It s a page-turner. Above all, this is a book about going from intellectual understanding to a change in behaviour for everyone on the team. A little book for BIG team success. This is the first book in the ‘little Book for BIG Success’ series, a series of business books with a difference, written in an entertaining and easily digestible story format.