The transparent leader

There’s growing expectation for organisations to be transparent in their dealings.

Customers are not just buying a product or a service, they are buying the brand, what the company stands for – and they want to be able to see that the company acts in a manner consistent with their core values and promises.

And for that reason, transparency in leadership is a key trait for leaders to display.

And not just because transparency is expected, but because it’s good, for everyone.

Let’s look at teams specifically.

Effective teams are those where team members

  • can talk openly and constructively
  • have the information they need
  • know and understand the business they are in and how they contribute to that
  • are involved in discussions and decision

All these factors are dependent on transparency – open, clear communication and fearless sharing of knowledge and experience. And it starts with the leader and how he/she behaves when it comes to transparency. Transparency needs to be role modeled from the leaders through the organisation.

Are you a transparent leader?

Or can you develop this further?

What have you done to foster transparency?

Please share your experience – be transparent about it.
Thanks for reading and being transparent,

Elisabet and Mandy



Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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