Summer reading

We find ourselves moving well into the summer season in many parts of the world, with vacation and holidays it is time to think about our reading lists.
What shall we read during those lovely, lazy days when we spend time recharging our batteries?
So many people are currently stressed by their workload and the pressure they are under at work. We spend so much time at work and our main challenges at the moment are helping people to understand and manage their work/life balance. This is an overused word and we just need to think balance, we need balance.  So lets get some balance into our summer reading by reading something for our development too, to make us think about things like our contributions, what do we want, what do we need and how are we currently being perceived.
Add the Team Formula to Your reading list and find out more for You!
Happy reading and recharging,
Mandy and Elisabet


Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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