Is there such a thing as a dream team?

Well, yes – and no.

What I mean by that is that all teams have the potential to be dream teams, but that it doesn’t happen by chance – it takes determination and focus.

If you think about the sports world and dream teams, there they are always made up by individual star players, and to some degree what they can do for the team as whole, what part they play in helping other players.

The interesting thing is that all teams have star players, or that all teams at least have members that have the potential to be star players – and that’s just it, it’s about recognizing someone’s potential and then tapping into it. And that’s not merely a leadership question, it’s up to each person to become so self aware that they realize where their greatest potential lies, what their greatest strenghts are – and then use them. And continuously develop them.

So yes, there are dream teams and any team can become one of those if care is taken to make the most of all the unique talents, strengths and experience of each team member.

Every team has a Ronaldo, a Messi, an Ibrahimovic and all the others – as a leader you just need to find ways to spot that potential in them. When you’re able to do that, that’s when the great stuff happens!

Elisabet, co-author of “The Team Formula” released 4th March 2013


Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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