How coachable are you?

The world isn’t standing still and neither should we.

The “facts” certainly change and we need to continuously re-learn; what we knew yesterday may no longer be correct. We need to be open and accepting to that.

I’m sure you agree that we need to adapt, change and evolve to meet the demands and expectations of the future.

This of course also means that we need to welcome feedback AND be able to take action to change and adapt our actions, behaviours and habits. Many people say that they are adaptable and flexible, but when someone gives them constructive feedback (which could help them develop), they brush it away, or become defensive, they come with excuses and explanations – simply put; they don’t take it in and so they don’t change. On some level it’s more important for them to be “right” than to be willing to develop. They are not open to the coaching opportunity of the feedback. And each time they reject the feedback, they reduce the chances of others wanting to share feedback in the future – hence minimising the chance to grow and develop and be successful.

Winners are coachable. It’s a simple as that. Imagine a sports team where a player isn’t coachable – they are pretty soon going to be off the team, right?

When we are coachable, we let our guard down. We stand strong and open minded, knowing that feedback and coaching is the stuff of winners, of champions. We assume positive intent. We are eager to keep doing better and better.

There are many coaches around us (people that can hold up a mirror and let us see what they see – and at times – give use guidance too): leaders, peers, direct reports, friends – and of course coaches.

Are you letting yourself be coached? How coachable are you?

Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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