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Buy a minimum of 7 copies of our multi-award-winning books, as individual gifts OR for your team, and you will enter our prize draw for a chance to win an individual Executive Impact Coaching™ session (with one of us) for yourself or someone you want to gift it to.

We have two sessions, each valued at £250 + VAT to give away in our exclusive prize draw.

What you need to do

It couldn’t be easier – just buy a minimum of 7 copies (paperback or ebook) in any combination of the three books below, and then email a copy of your receipt(s) to info@2020visionleader.com. Once the draw is done, we will contact the two lucky winners and set up their complimentary Executive Impact Coaching™ sessions.

All three books have been created both as practical tools for individuals AND for teams. As team tools they are a great way of kicking off a new year with impact.

They are all available in online shops worldwide (including via the Amazon UK links provided below)

The Leader’s Guide to Impact: How to use Soft Skills to get Hard Results

Things move fast. Leaders need to create impact in each moment, to not lose that moment.

Creating impact is a positive, powerful and authentic way to demonstrate you’re taking charge, get more from your team and drive business results. But to succeed, you need to create the impact you WANT and need rather than relying on what you HAVE.

The Leader’s Guide to Impact will show leaders how to create the impact that will help them connect with others in a respectful way, to create trust, get others to listen to them, influence effectively, drive results and much more. And most importantly, the book will also show leaders how to do it in an authentic way that supports your reputation and brand effectively.

Managing and creating impact is not a “nice to have”, it’s a business necessity.

Leading Teams 10 Challenges 10 Solutions

Most of us work in or manage teams, but are we really getting the most out of the numerous benefits of effective teamwork? All too often there are roadblocks – ranging from a lack of engagement to clashing personalities – that are holding us back from achieving the results we need.

‘Leading Teams’ shows team leaders how to overcome the most common obstacles to team performance and drive outstanding results from their people.

The Team Formula: A Leadership Tale of a Team who found their Way

This is a business book told in a story format for leaders; a Leadership Tale. It takes place in the world of international business where, as a result of an acquisition, two companies merge creating a team: A team struggling with conflicts and dishonesty, but also showing glimpses of loyalty and hope. Stephen, the team’s leader, is challenged to get them working together. In these times of change and economic downturn, it s more important than ever that he gets it right. Follow Stephen and his team on their journey through the thorny maze that all teams travel through.

Good luck and we hope to see you in the complimentary Executive Impact Coaching™ session!

Mandy and Elisabet

Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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