5 Impact Hacks for dialling up your impact with yourself

All impact starts from within.

Your ability to impact others will be a reflection of what’s going on for you. And remote working may have added new challenges and opportunities for your self leadership. Are you stressed, angry and frustrated? Then your impact will suffer. Are you energised and at ease? Then your impact will flourish. Yes, all great leadership starts from within.

As part of our Impact Hack series, here are 5 quick impact hacks, to lead yourself with and to impact:


Reflect on what your drivers are; what motivates and energises you, what stresses you, when are you at your best? What really matters to you, what’s your personal purpose? And how can you use those insights to make the best choices and become the best leader of you?


What we focus on becomes our reality. Choose your thoughts with care. Choose thoughts that help you look at a situation with hope and confidence. Make a habit of repeating those thoughts, and really taking them in, to start the day right or prepare for a meeting.


Take time for some stillness each day. Meditate for a few minutes (there are some great apps out there which are a quick and easy way to do this) to give your mind a rest (from thinking).


Never ever make yourself a victim in a situation. Whatever happens, take personal responsibility by choosing your response and looking for what you can do. Focus on what you can influence rather than what is outside of your control.


Ensure you are not always ‘on’. Take time to relax and recharge each week. No one can run on empty. Take time for activities that relax and/or recharge you. Exercise. Rest. Cook. Sing. Read. Talk. Laugh.

Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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