You’re not alone- kick-start 2018 with your team

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Welcome back to a new work year!

As a leader you probably have all sorts of things flying around your head right now about the year ahead – goal setting, planning, development talks, recruitment needs, budget and more.

And as much as some of this is your responsibility, the reality is that most of the work will be done by your team members, right? As a leader your role is to enable excellent performance – you’re there to help people do a great job.

All teams – the great and the “not great yet” – can benefit from some focused attention.



To make sure your list of things to do has your TEAM at the top of that list – think about how you can kick off the year together with your team for best results. Think about what you could and should involve them in. Spend time on building the team, forging or re-forging bonds of greatness.

All teams – the great and the “not great yet” – can benefit from some focused attention – to get even better, to be more fun to be in, to achieve more. Because winning teams don’t happen by chance, they happen through a very important decision – the decision and intention to create a winning team, a team that delivers. Look at any sports team and you’ll know what we mean – it’s all about the team.

Plan for a team day to take place as soon as possible

So, if you haven’t done it already, plan for a team day to take place as soon as possible. Sit down as a team and talk about the team’s mission for the year – and how you will achieve it together. Encourage creative dialogue, listen to ideas and share yours too – and make some decisions together. Buy-in to plans and goals is greater when everyone has been involved.

And just spend some time getting to know each other more. Have fun, laugh. And keep building that crucial trust (no lasting success can happen without trust). The best teams know and like each other – and would do anything for each other – that’s what winning teams do.

Don’t wait – start today, take your team with you on a fun 2017 journey of success!

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