Your team challenges reported

Below are some team challenges shared by our guests at the book launch in Brighton 5th March 2013. A few happy people won a book in the draw as a result!

Don’t miss the opportunity to win a copy of the book, by sharing one of YOUR team challenges here! 

Here are the reported team challenges from Brighton. Do you recognize some of these too?

When you have a team who have personal relationships further up the chain – so managing your boss’s partner


One Machiavellian character who wrecks team dynamics to his/her own ends


2 faced


Having to manage my manager and lead the leader


Knitting squares for a charity blanket


Working within a team (all very good friends) then becoming the manager.  Having to manage the “friends”.


A “back stabbing” team leader who created a series of lies and mistruth scenarios to get her own way.  Openly told everyone she wanted to get my job and could do a better job.


Taking a 50/50 share of a business that my younger sister started


When your team consists of people who are incompetent – making the best of a bad lot!


Trying to change (develop) a selection process for P.C. teams that wasn’t based on the child’s parents and £’s


How to manage a team which is constantly changing, in a high risk environment



Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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