What we can all learn from the ”handshake teacher”

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Have you heard of him, the ”handshake teacher”?

He is the teacher who greets every child in a special way, with a handshake/greeting pattern of their own choice, each day when they come to school.

This may sound simple, but more importantly – this is brilliant leadership.

What he does is that he makes his students feel special; he makes them feel seen and important. And wouldn’t you agree that everyone wants to know that they are seen, heard, understood and important? And he also makes them all geared up for learning, excited to come to school.
And leadership at work is no different. As leaders we can make people feel that way when they come to work.

Let the Handshake Teacher inspire you!

What could you do to make people around you feel that important and valuable?

How could you greet and treat them? How could you show that you ”get” each person? That you ’get’ what they are about, that you speak their ’language’?

This kind of connected leadership sets you up well for the future, where the talent war/competition will keep raging and the importance of leaders’ positive impact on employees will increase.

Your leadership can be a magnet for great talent and commitment.

Oh, and if you haven’t yet seen this teacher and his students in action, here it is. Enjoy!


Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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