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As a Senior Finance Executive, I wish I had Mandy and Elizabet’s insights when I started my career. They both know how to get at the differences between managing people vs. leading people. Through their unique story telling method, I found myself re-living many situations with teams that I was responsible for. The issues they bring out are real and happen to all of us. This book gets at the heart of understanding the true meaning of leadership – working with and through others to achieve results.Knowing how to lead and influence teams is no longer a “nice to have”. With today’s fast changing global workforce and thin margin of error with your customers, educating your people leaders on how to lead their teams in a powerful way is a “must have”. The Team Formula is a must-read for those with leadership responsibility that want to sustain peak performance and deliver impactful results for their company.

Chief Financial Officer, New York


This book ‘The Team Formula’, written by Mandy Flint and Elisabet Vinberg Hearn is absolutely life changing or should I say ‘Team changing’. Both Mandy and Elisabet have taken teams on amazing successful journeys for 20 years and worked with blue chip companies through this time with great results, so they know their stuff!. 

It shows in detail how two large companies merging into one can succeed – it shows how difficult it is for any new team leader to blend their team after a merger – it looks at the huge responsibility on the leaders shoulders to make the team successful, and blend new people into this team to work alongside the current team, to deal with all their fears resentment and prejudices. 

It also closely looks at the team’s individual fears – fears of CHANGE – change is the one thing we are all sure will happen in today’s business world, it must happen to succeed. 

It conveys how the team are walked through the maze of getting to work with each other and most importantly getting to know each other. ‘Yes’ it looks at personal relationships -often neglected when fusing together old and new Team members. Other books tend to neglect personal relationships and in particular feelings

The team are naturally made up of entirely different personality’s initially they work mostly in silos – there is jealousy and back biting – they do not share best practice they are afraid to lose their upper hand, and what’s more important, don’t feel or see the need to share.

Mandy and Elizabets book shows the absolute necessity to share everything to become a team – in fact they give away many years of learning and trade secrets regarding team success – which is essential to any business, their team development skills are all beautifully demonstrated .

Feedback is essential to a team and is sympathetically yet successfully covered. You see the teams reactions and their eventual inevitable realisation that success is absolutely possible. 

This book applies to teams in businesses of all sizes from huge corporate teams to small business the Team Formula will work for all, it’s a ‘must have page turner’, which delivers results!

We want to know more about this ‘team formula’ and its long term process – in fact we want another book!

New Business Director, UK


As I started to read this book, I had to stop and ask myself, “How did Elisabet and Mandy know so much about my experiences as a leader?” The stories sometimes provided an uncanny likeness to the challenges and opportunities that I have faced as a manager trying to handle situations where I sometimes felt out of my element.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Elisabet over the past few years in various ways, including in a workshop that is the inspiration for this book. What Elisabet and Mandy have given us with this book is the “formula” or the tools that any one can utilize to build a high performing team, whether it is a newly formed team or one that already exists. The tools that I have learned from the various workshops that I have attended with Elisabet are clearly presented as a “formula” in this book. If you follow the “formula” you will be successful in developing a high performing team!

Hindsight is always 20/20 and some lessons are hard learned, but with this book any manager, whether new to the role or a veteran, can learn the skills necessary to create a high performing team and bcome an inspiring leader (and perhaps avoid those tough lessons)!

Director, International Banking, Chicago


Packed full of really good insights into human behaviour, thoughts and feelings, this book is an addictive read about team success. I liked this book enormously, it has a warm and friendly feel about it and I found that I was unable to put it down. I had to keep reading, I had to know what happened to the team – although I knew it was about success, I needed to know why and how this happened. The easy reading style of the book helped me to reflect on my own life and my own situations at work. How would I feel if I was in this situation, would I have said the same things to people? I found myself reflecting on the story and the characters and how they reminded me of people I have worked with. The book is very accessible, and I could use all of it, it didn’t take me long to read, or I could use part of it as a mini case study. This book could be utilised by a range of people, I will recommend it to my students, but also I will use it to help me do my job better.


Doctor of Business Administration Course Leader, Senior Lecturer in Management & Leadership, at a  Business School, London


Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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