Want to build a leadership team with great impact? Then give them this book!

We were inspired this week by a leader who decided to buy copies of our book – and give them as gifts to the all their leaders – as a summer read!

What that leader gets is that great leadership and great teamwork rarely happen by chance. Even the best leaders and the best teams can, with strategic intention and focused effort, become even better – more impactful.

Each leader is of course responsible for their own leadership impact, but the power of leaders that come together to work on their impact, can achieve so much more than any one leader can ever do on their own.

“The Leaders Guide to Impact” is not just a book, it’s a whole impact toolbox. And here are just a few of the ways you can use that toolbox in your leadership team:

  • Ask each leader to read ONE CHAPTER that appeals to them and they want to learn more about (Part 2 of the book is all about impact on specific stakeholder groups and Part 3 of the book is about having impact for specific business outcomes). For busy leaders this is a great way to share the reading!
  • Then come together as a team and ask each leader to share what they learned from the chapter they read, how it applies to them and the team and the organisation
  • Discuss and agree actions and behaviours that can make the biggest difference to your leadership team impact (keeping in mind that behaviours, which make up the culture, are more more impactful than activities)
  • Agree on how to give each other feedback and hold each other accountable to the impact agreements

A key aspect of this book is that it’s a “pick up, put down” book which you can turn to whenever you want to increase your impact.

IMPACT is way too important to leave to chance.

Are you ready to build a truly impactful leadership team? A team that others love working with? Then you know what to do.

Happy Summer Reading!

Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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