The practicalities of great teams



Sometimes we talk about the magic of great teams, because it can feel pretty magical and great when your team is working really, really well. It may seem as if it is just happening, but great teams and teamwork are rarely down to luck or chance.

Great teams come from doing good, practical things that create the camaraderie, sense of shared purpose and teamwork that make it possible for teams to do well together.

And those practical things are often more simple than you would think. We often make the mistake of thinking that we have to make things very clever and complicated for them to make a difference. Well, we’ve found the opposite to be true – when you find the core things that create a great team, you’ll see that most of the solutions are very simple, yet very effective.

That’s what this book is about. Any team can be great, with the right focus and the relevant solutions. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either, it just takes some time and dedicated effort.

And when you see the results, it’s soooo worth it.

So if you’re leading a team and know that you could do more to create a really cohesive, engaged and successful team – check out this book, it’s got plenty of practical solutions that you can start implementing today.

And if you’re a team member and would like your team to work better together, then there are solutions in the book that you can use too – and you may well want to share the book with your leader too.

Here’s to your team success!


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Mandy and Elisabet

Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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