The challenges a leader faces


To be a leader can be both rewarding and frustrating. I remember becoming a leader of a team 22 years ago, my very first leadership role, with no leadership experience and very little understanding of what was expected of me. There are very few “born” leaders, if any! We can all do with some guidance, support, new knowledge and ongoing development to become great leaders. We can’t be expected to just know what to do, it’s not that simple.



There are a number of challenges that leaders may run into. How about

  • Unmotivated, unengaged team members
  • Conflicts within the team
  • People working too independently, in “silos”
  • People not sharing things with each other, creating overlap and re-work
  • Not knowing what to communicate and when and to whom!
  • Team members that don’t share info, often because they don’t know or trust each other
  • A team that’s not delivering as expected
  • A team that’s not well perceived by others

Over the years, Mandy and I have worked with leaders and teams to help them overcome leadership and team challenges, creating a work culture that is engaging, productive and  where people really enjoy working. Our book “The Team Formula” is our formula for how to work with teams to overcome the challenges leaders face.

The book is released 4th March 2013.

Elisabet Hearn, co-author “The Team Formula”


Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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