Our Impact Hack Series #4 Presence

5 proven hacks for dialling up your PRESENCE impact

Your impact is how you show up, which is why HOW you are present when with others is worth your focus. Being 100% present honours the time of those you are with – as well as your own.

Here are 5 quick impact hacks to consider, to be truly present in each encounter, face to face, on video or on the phone:


Switch off the phone, email notifications and other possible distractions. Not only are you showing your commitment to the conversation or meeting but you also allow yourself to be fully engaged and not missing out on important content of the interaction.


Make a decision to take a real interest in the conversation. You are there anyway, so why not make it count. Look for the angles that you can authentically connect with and contribute to.


When possible, prepare by thinking of questions you want to ask. And/or listen well in the moment, to then ask relevant questions that engages others and reflects your interest and focus.


Think about your energy levels, turn up your energy if you are feeling tired. Choose your mood, don’t let circumstances dictate your state of mind and the ripple effect you create.


Do the things listed above, but do it your way. You are best when you are you.

The point of power is always in the present moment.

Louise L Hay

Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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