Our Impact Hack Series #2 Job Interviews

Do you have a job interview coming up? And want to make sure you have great impact and increase your chances of securing that role? Maybe it’s been a while since your last interview and you’ve gotten a bit ‘rusty’? Then check out these 6 quick impact hacks:

As always, do your research

Read up on the organisation; what’s their purpose, what is the culture like, what market/industry challenges are the facing, what change journey are they on etc? Research the person(s) you will interview with too.

Be prepared

Think through the specific cases of your recent career successes. What did you do, how did you lead and what tangible results did that lead create? Think about how your experience can bring value to the organisation you’re interviewing with, based on the research you’ve done.

Prepare questions

What do you want to ask that can create relevant conversations and that clearly shows you understand them and can bring value? Focus on the future and how you can contribute to it.

Be video ready

Appearance matters. Apart from your non-verbal communication, think about your room background and what that communicates too. And remember that you need to put more work into a video conversation than a face-to-face one. Engage. Smile. Listen.

Think about your WHOLE message

Consider your non-verbal communication. What is your body language like? Facial expression? Breathe. Smile. Facial reactions and body language can make all the difference for that first impression.

Bring your best you

Relax. Remind yourself of your strengths; your skills as well as your personality. No one’s best at everything, everyone is best at something. Let them connect with the person, not just the professional.

Be you. You’ve got this.

Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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