Only you remember it the way you remember it

The other day I was watching the old movie Grease, with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as Danny and Sandy. Do you remember their amazing song “Summer Nights” where they had such different perceptions of the summer vacation when they met and fell in love?
Danny was remembering the times they had on the beach very differently to the way Sandy did – it was like they were telling two different stories.  What this tells us is that whenever we have a memory, only we remember it the way we remember it – good or bad – others don’t remember, see, feel or hear  it in the same way that we do, because they have their own unique filters on the world .
When we become aware of that, it gives us greater choice – greater choice to choose our perception, our outlook, rather than just seeing the one version of reality. How powerful is that! How many options doesn’t that give us!
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Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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