Learning and Progress go hand in hand

Learning never stops.

As the world keeps evolving, we need to evolve too – we need to gain new knowledge, skills and experience continuously.

The pace of change is simply such, that we cannot possibly know it all. We need to be a ‘learn it all’ rather than a ‘know it all’. Curious, open-minded, keen to gain insights and discover surprises on our learning journey.

And if we have a mindset of always wanting to learn, it means we are more open to being creative and it forces us to look at things differently. This helps us to continue to be creative and to innovate. And when that happens at an organisational level, we have a culture of learning.

Thinking we know everything is outdated, how can we in a world that changes so fast? Data suggests that 50% of what is taught during the first year of a 4-year technical degree is outdated by year 3. This is a good reminder that even the most experienced of people have something they need to learn. Time doesn’t stand still for anyone.

So, continuously focus on what you need to learn. This gives you permission to not have to have all the answers and instead be interested in exploring new concepts and ideas. And encourage others to do the same.

In a world of constant change how could we possible have all the answers already? Even thinking we could have all the answers is an outdated concept. And that’s good.

Enjoy your learning journey!

Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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