Everyone is different

Maybe life would have been much easier if everyone was the same – if you could approach everyone the same way and get the same results, if people reacted and acted the same way in a given situation. But it would also be so boring and so predictable and so non-creative!

The beauty of a team, a group of people who come together to serve a purpose, is that they are all individuals, each unique in their own way, each bringing something different to the mix. When people are different, they can creatively challenge each other and thereby create synergy (great output, better efficiency, better results).

Effective teamwork comes about when people recognize, respect and utilize all the different talents, skills and characteristics that each team members brings, and when people are able to meet others where they are. Getting to know each other is the beginning…take the time to do it, it pays off quickly.

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Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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