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We were recently inspired by a appearing on Disruptive TV we enjoyed filming a short session about “The Leaders Guide to Impact” published by the Financial Times.

We had such fun drawing on the glass board screen and explaining in more depth about the details in the book.

We all have an impact, every minute every day. Leadership is the act and the art of influencing others so it you have to influence others then you are a leader. This book has something for everyone.

In this clip you can see and hear us talk about the book and the three parts to the book.

Part One – What is Impact? The why and how of achieving Impact

Here we talk about the ripple affect that you can have and how you are a creator of the culture, we all have a responsibility for it.

Part Two – Your impact on your various audiences/stakeholders

In this section we get very specific about the impact you have on your:

  • Employees, people who work for you
  • Impact on people more senior that you- your bosses
  • People at the same level/ your Peers
  • Your Impact on the board or senior executive/leadership teams
  • Your external impact on your stakeholders

We explain more about the Executive Presence Sweet spot and creating your stakeholder map.

Part Three – Impact for different desired outcomes

We all have to impact outcomes so in this section we describe how you can create greater outcomes . If you want to create the following outcomes you can follow the roadmap:

  • Collaborative impact
  • Change-driving impact
  • Innovative impact
  • Business sustainability impact

Great leadership and great teamwork rarely happen by chance. Even the best leaders and the best teams can, with strategic intention and focused effort, become even better – more impactful.

“The Leaders Guide to Impact” is not just a book, it’s a whole impact toolbox.

Take a look at this Disruptive TV shoot for some inspiration: https://www.comparethecloud.net/articles/what-is-impact-what-impact-are-you-having-as-a-leader-opening-lines/

About the authors

Mandy Flint & Elisabet Vinberg Hearn, multi-award-winning authors of “Leading Teams – 10 Challenges: 10 Solutions” and ”The Team Formula”.

Their latest book “The Leader’s Guide to Impact” published April 2019 by Financial Times International is an in-depth practical guide to creating the impact you want. 

You can download a free chapter of the book at www.2020visionleader.com

Praise for “The Leader’s Guide to Impact” – “If there is one book you read on leadership, this is it. It’s jam-packed with practical tips, stories and frameworks to help you to be the best leader you can possibly be by taking control of your impact on those around you. Elisabet and Mandy hit the leadership nail on the head every time! I wish this book was around 20 years ago!”  Vanessa Vallely, OBE, Managing Director, WeAreTheCity, author, “Heels of Steel”

Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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