Are there limits to generosity at work?

How generous are you at work? Do you share your knowledge and your skills with others?

Sadly we know that not all organizations have a culture of generosity, but it is our firm belief that all organizations can learn to be generous.

Imagine how much each person brings, or could bring, to the table at work – through knowledge, skills, information they are privy to, experience, intuition and more. Then imagine the waste of that not being shared. It would be as if people would only bring part of themselves to work.

There are of course reasons why this may the case – people may have had bad experiences when they’ve shared something – maybe someone “stole” their idea, or they felt as if they were taken advantage of, having to work more than others and so on. There can be many reasons.

Nonetheless, if you want a fully functioning team, a fully functioning organization, you need to create a trustful atmosphere where people know that it’s OK to be generous because everyone benefits from it. Everyone.

“The Team Formula” tells the story of a team that starts off lacking generosity (we’ve all been there!) and then things start to happen….

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Elisabet and Mandy

Author: Mandy and Elisabet

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